Rectifiers are known for there durability & can operate years before having to be repaired or replaced. However, not all the circuit boards & semi-conductors inside have the same life expectancy. Many vital components inside the rectifier can become faulty, & will have to be repaired or replaced throughout it's life cycle. Not addressing these issues can lead to operation or communication errors, production efficiency losses, & ultimately problematic system failures. The best way to address these issues is to either replace or thoroughly refurbish the rectifier itself. Here at Electronic Technical Services Corporation (ETSCO) we can help with providing technical recommendations & detailed maintenance reports to improve optimal system efficiency. Refurbishing existing rectifiers can also be considered a "green solution alternative" minimizing the amount of waste from scrapped equipment, lowering the overall environmental impact from discarded rectifiers. ETSCO is a proud aftermarket rectifier service provider that is known for repairing, integrating, upgrading, or replacing rectifier systems equipment. Providing technical maintenance, repairs, & spare parts to maximize performance, reliability, & safety reassurance.


Although "inverters" have been given several different names such as: (ADF) Adjustable Frequency Drive Inverters, (VSD) Variable Speed Drives, (AC) Inverters, (VFD) Variable Frequency Drives among many other names. A "power inverter" is ultimately an electric device that manages the supply of power from an electric motor or generator by changing (DC) Direct Current to (AC) Alternating Current. Most wind turbines are also equipped with inverters that convert (DC) to (AC) at 220volts, making it suitable for grid feeding or self consumption. (ETSCO) Electronic Technical Services Corporation is well known for providing inverter control repairs, upgrades, system integration, field service & technical support in several different industries around the globe. We proudly guarantee the utmost in customer satisfaction when it comes to quality, reliability, cost & time efficiency. At anytime inverters may become unviable due to lack of routine maintenance, overheating, dust & debris malfunctions, or overall deterioration. Therefor, it is highly recommended to do preventative maintenance & technical diagnostic check-ups to avoid reduced performance, decreased productivity, unscheduled downtime, & eventually systematic failures. (ETSCO) has many valuable resources such as (OEM) Original Equipment Manufacturer's schematics, diagrams, & operating manuals to troubleshoot, diagnose, & repair virtually any power inverter drive available. We specialize in many different power inverter manufacturer brands including: (ABB) ASEA Brown Boveri, (GE) General Electric, Eaton, Siemens, Fuji, Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi, Rockwell, & many other top of the line brand names. Contact (ETSCO) now for a free consultation, & we guarantee unparalleled technical expertise, increased operation efficiency & ultimate peace of mind.